• Felix Koay

    Photographer based in Sydney, Australia

  • 2018 Goals

    New Year, Fresh Start

    2017 was a big year personally, as I seriously move into the photography field for the first time, changing how I post on my Instagram. It was a big year in terms of experimentation in edits, and trying out different types of photography.


    2018 will be a year of experimentation and consistency of delivering quality photos. Photography in night/urban cityscapes and portraiture are my main focus looking forward. On top of that, I want to start doing some cinematic short clips, as well as creating a more interactive website, so look forward to that.


    My Current Gear:

    Olympus Em1 Mk. 2 (main)

    Olympus Ep-3

    17mm F1.8 M.Zuiko Lens

    45mm F1.8 M.Zuiko Lens

    40-150 F3.5-5.6 M.Zuiko Lens

  • About

    Explorer / Student / Enthusiast

    Zeng Wei Felix Koay

    My name is Felix Koay, and I am currently studying Industrial Design in UNSW, located in Sydney, Australia.


    I am a Malaysian, but most of my studies was done overseas, and that consisted of me travelling to Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo. My life has been revolving around the arts field, whether it was through acting, music, art, and photography, I did all of those in the respective years leading up to this. It was in high school, that photography peaked my interest, and at the moment I do all sort of photography to experience what's right for me.


    This site showcases my work and concepts to people all over the world. Feel free to take a look at the portfolio I have created, and don't hesitate to contact if you have any enquiries, and would have interest in collaborating with me.

  • Contact

    Interested in collaboration? Any Enquiries? Feel free to email or contact me through here or Instagram.